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Jordan found his way to a career in music after stumbling onto a music theory class in university, which would soon lead to an unexpected degree in classical guitar performance. As he transitioned from obsessive hobbyist to working musician, he found a surprising knack for teaching that would connect him with countless students and musicians in years to come. In addition to teaching, he began to take on work as a performer and songwriter while occasionally finding time to create his own music. Working with students of all ages and artists from various genres has deepened his appreciation for all things musical. 

Today, Jordan has over 10 years of teaching and performance experience as well as a fast growing collection of original music that spans a wide variety of genres. TSWB, MADS, and WELS are the result of exploring the creative process and endless sources of inspiration. From progressive metal to synthpop, his ideas take shape in some drastically different sounding creations that are sure to keep your attention.

Jordan Hubbard performing for a Paper Doll's music video
Jordan Hubbard and a young student.
Jordan Hubbard performing "Kintsugi" by singer/songwriter Michael Hyland
Jordan Hubbard performing with Yesterday's Sushi at Big Day South in Daegu
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